alextranemi @Virge: “I’m an athletic healthier previous marine who with equal tourist attractions to women and men” your word maybe not mine.

That’s the concept of bisexuality. Yeah okay because 4 psychologists said that you’re not really a “true” bisexual then you’re perhaps not then. It’s actually laughable for me but any. You appear to be someone that has been brainwashed

@alextranemi By using that very first phrase of mine entirely away from context along with the rest associated with the paragraph i assume we could offer you the pinnacle Cherry Picker Award.


@Virge: ” just like the fact it almost impossible to relate to or bond with women in any way other than as potential sex partners that I find. For me they’re am alien types. We relate and relationship with guys without any nagging dilemmas whatsoever. ” That nevertheless allows you to being a man that is bisexual maybe not homosexual in spite of how twisted you’re attempting to persuade your self.


@grero: Read your site and discovered that it is perhaps one of the most fatuous and accidentally hilarious web sites we have actually checked out in a very long time.

You don’t realize statistics, sociology, therapy or ways of historic interpretation. Don’t know what your job is, but whatever it is, don’t quit it day.

Jason smeds

Porn has nothing at all to do with intercourse. Porn is prostitution, maybe not sex. Huge difference.


What’s the question? No-body is right or gay – everybody is Bi-sexual! Bi-sexual as might have a pleasurable and fulfilling relationship with another individual either the exact same or sex that is opposite. Therefore to simplify it a tad bit more there are 3 sets of Bi-sexuals: 1/ Bi-sexual, who encounter some dreams or have actually participated in intercourse with both sexes. 2/– that is bi-sexual right… it is people who just desire such a thing because of the other sex most are brainwashed by religion so they really aren’t really conscious of who they really are or whatever they want. 3/ Bi-sexual predominantly gay… this might be those who find themselves conscious they will have little if any attraction sexually to your contrary intercourse. They generally have quite good friends associated with other intercourse.

Predominantly right people frequently have actually dreams that aren’t available making use of their opposite gender partner.

Few individuals comprehend you’ll find nothing done intimately that isn’t done by another sexuality as ‘normal’ and enjoyable. We guy We knew ended up being Bi-sexual predominantly right, he liked their woman to place a vibrator into their rectum, yet whenever he ended up being solitary once more he tried the thing that is‘real with a homosexual mate of his, he definitely didn’t want it. Gay fantasies are normal by Bi-sexual predominantly right dudes.



@enlightenone: similar to: “Bisexual Men Are far more Gay Than People Think. ”


Dru L.

This fits a concept that i’ve been gathering proof for now for approximately 6 years. I shall be posting the paper, quickly. This has regarding this very topic. I’ll need certainly to cite this informative article and that paper that is guy’s now. Thanks.

Laura Hurt

@Black Pegasus: Bisexuality is just a intimate orientation simply like homosexuality is. Simply since it is one thing you don’t believe will not allow it to be not the case.


Okay, i recently needed to chime in about this one and I also think the label concept does block the way for many males so when my one bi-sexual male friend told me how does it need to have a label after all?

Him fuck women and yes he has sucked my dick and quite well I might add since I have seen. Then i agree that is has to be bi-sexual and there is nothing wrong with that either if you do put a label. Those viewing homosexual porn nevertheless makes me think you have got more issues my guy. You so far if you are looking for technique…that can only take. You jacking down to homosexual porn…sorry but that’s perhaps perhaps maybe not right behavior. You’ll call anything you like, you are demonstrably in denial. I actually do comprehend the whole sucking cock as you discover how you need your own personal cock sucked. We have that and I also hate to allow all the dudes out here understand this but there is certainly absolutely nothing incorrect with being interested and ‘sex’ without having the partnership is merely that sex! The connection part is really what scares the people the most and them being defined as homosexual.

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